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Anti Wrinkle Options

By Sarah Badger Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Prescriber

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

When you are looking in the mirror brushing your teeth, and when 

you are looking back at those photos,

you have a big sigh and look down at your feet,

you don't look as youthful as

you once did, and it's starting to get

you down. 

You get my point, this is about YOU and no-one else.

BUT it's only going to get worse, wrinkles will get deeper and you will eventually stop looking in the mirror all together 

& there's nothing you can do about it right?​


Imagine you could wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and not attempt to pull back your skin to see what you would look like with a face lift.


Imagine looking at photos of yourself with a genuine smile on your face. 


Welcome to Sarah Badger Aesthetics, you've come to the right place...

Why has this page changed?

Unfortunately it is now illegal to advertise any prescription-only-medication, therefore please message me via this page or by text on 07947734144 so I can answer all of your questions x

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Sarah Badger Aesthetics?


Anti-Wrinkle treatments are used all over the world, & have been the subject of vast research and testing, this is what I chose to specialise in, to help people just like you. So many patients come to me after having bad experiences.


My aim & passion is to reduce the amount of bad experiences by educating patients BEFORE the needle.


PLEASE whoever you choose, do your research.

By Law you MUST be seen by a Nurse Prescriber

or Doctor before your treatment.

Being an experienced Nurse Prescriber, I am qualified, confident & competent in completing a thorough consultation, understanding your concerns, assessing your skin & muscles, whilst designing a treatment plan individual to you.

Rubber stamping that says 'Qualified'..j


Check they are a qualified Medical Professional..



Ask for proof they are insured to carry out the procedure.

Screenshot 2018-08-31 09.21.38.png


Nurses and Midwives must be active on the NMC Register, you can check this on the NMC website, Doctors and Dentists have their own registers you can check.

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