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Sarah Badger Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Prescriber & Mentor
Meet Sarah Badger

Thinking about starting up your own Aesthetics business?


I can help...

I have been Mentoring, Teaching & Prescribing for Medical Professionals since February 2018. 

I have large network of Nurses, Midwives and other Medics all over Essex. We support each other through what can be quite a lonely Industry,

First things first, can I help?

1. Are you a Nurse, Midwife, Pharmacist, Paramedic or Dental Nurse with an active registration?

2. Have you completed a Foundation Course in Aesthetics?

3. Are you competent in the assessment & safe management of medical Emergencies?

4. Are you insured for the Aesthetics Treatments you are qualified in?

'YES' to all these? Keep reading!!

Services for Professionals

My second favourite thing after treating patient's is teaching, I offer different packages and can tailor them to your needs. Message me on 07947734144 to find out more...

Our Services
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Teaching & Mentorship

Go Team


Be part of a Team




Professional Testimonials

You're not just paying for a prescriber with Sarah, you're paying for a mentor.


You might think that you learnt it all during your training course but Sarah will show you how to confidently and safely administer anti-wrinkle injections for the best results- she's got years worth of experience She is always at the end of the phone when you need her and will answer every question you have. Sarah has created lots of useful educational material too such as diagrams and videos, which all add to the learning experience.


She's reliable. She always turns up at my clinics and my prescriptions are always processed on time. She's great with the clients and without her I wouldn't be where I am now!

- Melissa

Young Beautician




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Have a question?

Feel free to leave me a message here, or send me a text on 074 1163 5503

Or click here to book an appointment for a free no obligation consultation.

Thanks! Message sent.

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